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"FRONTLINES is not literally about  war. It's  'bout  battle rhyming, dance crew culture and cyphers."


What is the track SEXYMONE about?

TUNJI: "Expression."

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I am a performer, artist, model, actor, producer and designer and the owner of the music, film and fashion company

S K Y E N G I N E.   


Focused, innovative, progressive and bold,

I create R&B, Pop and Hip Hop music. As an independent artist I'm not afraid to express myself with clear goals for international success and global acclaim. For me, my music exemplifies how music represents a place where lifestyle and pop-affluent-urban-culture meet. Creation of fashion has been a key component.

My EP demo was released at the back office of UMG for only three months from a subsidiary deal. The Tungsten Light EP was originally released on the WMG Getonic App.

As an independent artist, I plan to release my entire TUNGSTEN LIGHT album, as a 10 song album this year in 2018. 


If you have ever heard my name TUNJI in your inner circle please don't hesitate, like me on twitter and IG. And listen for my music on Jango Radio and Radio Airplay!


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